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FiREapps provides the necessary intelligence to manage foreign exchange exposures. FiREapps isn't a nice to have - it’s an essential tool in managing our FX risk today.

Joseph Burke | Avnet

Products / Products and Services Overview

Products and Services Overview
Always be prepared with exposure analytics and risk analysts that help you work smarter and faster

If CEOs and financial executives have learned anything from the 2008 financial crisis, it's that Pericles was right when he said: "The key is not to predict the future, but to be prepared for it." Today, currency volatility is one of the largest financial risks every multinational company faces. Are you prepared to protect your balance sheet, cash flow predictability, earnings, and earnings per share from FX exposure and risk?

What would it mean to your business to reduce foreign exchange gain/loss to near zero in less than two quarters? Or increase your forecast accuracy and predictability through fact-based collaboration with regional controllers?


  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Account Level Drill Down
  • FX Impact Analysis
  • Cost/Risk Efficiency Scenarios
  • Adaptive Exposure Definition
  • Dynamic Exposure Generation
  • FX Exposure Integrity Analytics
  • Natural/Operational Hedging
  • Trade Strategy Optimization
  • FiREapps InterActor™ Automation

Bring predictability and scale to your FX program with:

  • A single, trusted view of exposure across ERP systems
  • Accurate, timely views into entity and account-level details
  • Easy-to-use analytics to power collaborative exposure management
  • Non-invasive, file-based interaction with internal and external systems
  • Zero IT maintenance and FiREapps FX Analysts when you need them
  • A scalable, cloud-based platform with no per-user premiums
  • Enrollment and training services to take your program to the next level

FiREapps products are easy to use and require no IT maintenance. With FiREapps, you’ll always have a single, trusted truth for your exposure — no matter how many ERP systems or currency pairs you have to deal with. And when you need help, dedicated risk analysts are there for you – whether to get you started or to keep you going strong.

Your Fast Path to Success

No matter where your FX program is today, FiREapps can help you quickly eliminate the FX surprises that put earnings and EPS at risk.

Roll over to find out why leading finance teams are getting FiREd Up about collaborative exposure management worldwide.



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